TCS are now accepting delivery of international parcels in Perth and on forwading them to our clients on Christmas and Cocos Islands.  Check with Tanya to find out how.  

PLEASE NOTE:   ‚ÄčExport Declaration Numbers (EDN's)  are an export reporting requirement for goods valued at or over $2000.    The documents required are much more detailed and have to comply with Border Force regulations.    If you purchase items yourself then your supplier must provide an INCO terms compliant Invoice.    This frequently causes problems with air cargo because of time.    

The quick solution is to have TCS buy the goods on your behalf, deduct the GST and then deliver to Freightshop complete with the EDN documents required.   TCS cannot fill out EDN documentation unless they are the owner of the goods (bought to your order).    Solution ?  Let TCS do your purchasing, delivery and documents.  You find the product and the price, send us an email with the details and we do the rest.   

Because TCS fees include delivery to Freightshop or Zentners as well as GST deduction, it is the smooth and hassle free purchasing service to your orders.   

TCS can also purchase from different stores and send all items to you as a single consignment (perishables excluded).   

Thank you,    Tanya and the TCS team.